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July 3, 2008

candy terrorism?

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or is it just bad business? 

attn: masterfoods corp.

don’t think you’re pulling the wool over MY eyes.  i’m onto you!  i went through two packs of skittles this week.  when i got to the bottom of the first bag and a green one fell out i realized it was only the second one of the entire bag.  what’s that all about? 

with any candy package that’s made up of varying colors i’d like to see a somewhat even division.  is there some reason you’re holding back certain colors?  it seems like the inverse of the issue with M&Ms and the over saturation of the blue ones when that color came out.   no one really wanted blue M&Ms in their mouth but for some reason Mars Inc. decided to load us down with them.  if someone really wanted a blue mouth they’d go get the awesome italian ice in the yellow flimsy paper cup.

so is the green skittle dye and flavoring more expensive?  or are you just onto the fact that my primary reason for buying skittles is purely for the green ones?  surely i can’t be the only one.

please don’t blame this on the machines and the random distribution of colors per bag unless you’re willing to prove that there are entire bags of skittles out there that are primarily green.  you can easily prove this by sending me a sample of this because i have yet to find one.  i believe you’re just hording the good stuff.  i’m sure your workers can get all the green skittles they can chew.

as a consumer i’m not happy about this and when i went through the second bag this week and only came up with 2 more than the first i was more than pissed.  i felt like i’d been totally ripped off.  i mean, i was scammed for sure.  

maybe you should learn a little something from your competitors and offer custom bags of skittles like M&M does.  i think it would behoove you.  and me.

looking forward to better skittle distribution,



~ today i learned… we’ve have 3 US Presidents that died on the 4th of July and one born on that date ~


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