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July 1, 2008

speaking of

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since i was talking about gentlemen yesterday i’ll stay on that same thought. 

M makes fun of me for it.  and sotoo many people my age have no clue who these guys are when i bring them up but i love me some old men.  not just ones like M, i’m talking old hollywood handsomes.  i dated a guy once who called me an “old soul”.  i never liked that term and still don’t since i think it sounds all artsy and deep.  which i am neither of.  i just grew up on old movies and i love them.  in my opinion there aren’t many movies in color that are better than the black & whites.  i LOVE the leading men, they really helped make the movie back then.  how could you not love ’em?  and not only were men gentlemen back then, but they aged so gracefully.    here are some of my all-time favorites in order of greatness…

5. Robert Redford
if you’ve never seen the way we were open another window, log on to netflix, and reserve it now.  he’s a wonderful lookin’ fella.  hopefully you’ll love Hubbell too!


4. Marlon Brando
yumm.  i’m not talking about The Godfather days, he’s not one of the men than aged gracefully, but back in his glory days he was The Man.  many people claim streetcar as his best, but i’m a huge fan of him in Guys & Dolls.  there’s one scene, when he’s singing if i were a bell, and jean simmons approaches him and he puts up his dukes and snuffs his nose with his thumb.  ohmygosh, there’s just something about his look and the face he makes, i want to scream and throw my panties at him it makes me that happy!  i seriously can’t stop smiling whenever i see that moment.


3. Carey Grant
yah, Carey Grant.  he’s the most debonair of all men.  ever.  i really don’t know how any woman was supposed to be able to resist him.  that sly grin, that devilish voice.  why are there no more Carey Grants? (ps. there’s no use putting up a young/old photo of him because he never looked any different)


2. Bing Crosby
i know i’m going to take flack for this one, i always do.  but i don’t care because i know that my taste in men is sometimes quirky.  but the man is a comedian.  he can sing.  the man can croon with the best of them.  he’s a dancer.  and he’s one heck of a dancer at that.  i would be happy to find a man who could dance let alone do allof these things.  i just think he’s dreamy and he could sing me to sleep every night. (tell me that when you look at the 2nd picture you don’t hear “buh buh buh boo” in your head)  did i mention that he owned a race horse?


and my favorite lover of all time…

1. Paul Newman
uh, yah, Hi.  Hotness!  he truly could be one of the most beautiful men that ever lived.  from his youth to his old age.  he’s just gorgeous.  and i know there are many people who will argue that Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is not his best performance (some would even have the nerve to argue it’s Butch Cassidy), but i’ve never wanted any man more than i wanted Brick.

 so that’s it for today.  don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of hot men still around *cough*hughgrant*cough* but these are my oldies but goodies.

  am i missing any golden gods from way back when??


~ today i learned… Average lifespan of a major league baseball is 7 pitches ~



  1. These guys are all classics. Classics I tell you! They should be taught in schools. In fact, I would support a movement to have their pictures hung on those pull-down thingies alongside the maps over the blackboards. Or the whiteboards, or the LCD screens, or whatever classrooms these days have going on.

    But maybe not. We might end up with anarchy, all the girls screaming and throwing their panties around. Ahahaha. Love that image : )

    Comment by magda — July 2, 2008 @ 11:26 am

  2. Robert Redford is my favorite! Looooooooooooove him!

    Comment by Lexi — July 3, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

  3. Aww Brando! LOVE him! “I coulda been a contender.” Well, you were in my heart hottie! Too bad he got all puffy when he got older :(

    Comment by stealthnerd — July 16, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

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