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June 27, 2008

old is new

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when i was in ct my sister and i went through my mom’s basement.  i can’t even describe how much crap she has.  she’s a total pack rat (it’s where both of us get that terrible trait).  and she can never throw a damn thing away.  we recently found out she’s got some mice hangin’ out.  so not only do we want her place to be cleaner, but we don’t want the mice to have a place to hide either.  so we spent an entire day cleaning (again… and we will be doing this a couple more times before it’s all done).  her basement is filled with things from all years… our youth, our parent’s youth, etc.  every time one of my grandparent’s passed away my parents ended up with their stuff.  not just neat antique stuff but boxes of CRAP too!  seriously, as we were rummaging through this stuff we found every single thing my father ever did in school.  i’m not talking science projects, etc, i’m talking about every exercise he did in his typing class, notebooks full of scribbles, receipts!  every damn thing that could be kept WAS.

as we started going through box after box we realized that the mice had gotten into almost every thing.  there was poop all over (still makes me shudder).  my sister and i labeled things into one of three categories: unimportant, destroyed, salvageable.  the first two went to the dumpster the third was put into big plastic bins.  while it was sad to throw away box after box of strawberry shortcake stuff, my little pony, and carebears because the mice had destroyed them, it was neat to uncover some of the older stuff.  we found my dad’s old binders from school, scribbles of him plus another girl (that wasn’t my mom).  notes between him and other girls.  it was fun to find out what a playboy my dad was.  my favorite of these was a letter from a girl to him.  basically she broke up with him but really wanted to be friends, i won’t get into the entire note but the last line i love.  she was talking about the upcoming dance and the last words she wrote were “save me a twist”.  i’m not sure how to explain it, but that line makes me smile.

anyway, the stuff i unearthed and was able to save was nice.  alot of reminds of my youth.  the last time we did this i found the original kool aide man pitcher we loved so much.  this time i found three of the cups that went with it!  i used to drink EVERYTHING out of these.

i’m so happy to have these back.  i also found an old first aide kit.  this was from my dad’s old office

i found these steins of my dad’s… does anyone know what the glass one was from?  all i remember is that it used to be in the freezer all the time, just ready.  the metal one is engraved with my dad’s initials, but you can’t see that because of the flash

then i found this next thing.  *ed note: i found this in my caboodle… yes, with my engraved name plate!* i was so excited that i ALMOST put it on… i’m just afraid of what 20 yr old lip gloss would do to my lips.  i have a feeling it might burn. 

does anyone else recognize this?  or was i the only kid who was OBSESSED with it?!  it’s the lip gloss from avon.  i don’t know if they make this anymore, and the chocolate appears to have rubbed off some of the chips, but when i opened it up i grinned from ear to ear.  it still smells the same inside.  like chocolate!  it’s SO tempting!

but out of the bag of crap i dragged back to VA (including old fireworks, old match books, art i made in kindergarten, glasses from our old house, etc.) this is absolutely my FAVORITE find…

i’m over the moon about this one.  i’m such a huge jackie o nut.  i think she’s the most wonderful person in the world to idolize.  i’m so happy to now own this fantastic piece of history.  there was also a “vote for kennedy” button but i threw it in one of the plastic tubs and didn’t feel like digging it back out.  the only thing that makes me nervous is now i feel like i need a bigger fire safe so i don’t lose this.

so anyway, this is a sampling of the things that made me happy to get back.  i’ll add the steins to the shelf where my dad’s pipes are.  the cups and glasses will go in the cupboard and everything else wlil find it’s way to safe storage.

with all this flashback… can i tell you how excited i am to find out that WKRP is on tv?!  i’m so freaking excited!!!



~ today i learned… actually, i’d like to learn something.  can anyone tell me, if i post pictures but then delete the images from my computer, will they go away on the page?  or are they there forever once they’re up? ~



  1. Ugh, the mice. I feel your pain. The little poop that I find everywhere is just so vile. And I always wanted one of the Kool Aid pitchers when I was a kid!

    Comment by La — June 27, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

  2. The pictures stay. WordPress stores them in their picture vault…it’s weird but they stay.

    And do your koolaid glasses change colors when something hot or cold is in them? B/c mine did from my childhood and oh good Lord I hope I find them one day :)

    Comment by littlespoon — June 27, 2008 @ 1:44 pm

  3. It really sucks about the mice. Sorry to hear that. Those are fantastic finds! I do have some vague recollection of the lip gloss!

    For blogger, the pictures get uploaded and then live on their server. I imagine WordPress is the same.

    Comment by Lisa — June 27, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

  4. I had a caboodle, too! Ah, I loved that thing.
    What fun to get to go back in time like this!

    Comment by magda — June 27, 2008 @ 10:21 pm

  5. ohhh keep the magazines, its awesome to go back and read them. im a packrat also…

    Comment by La Petite Belle — June 28, 2008 @ 11:12 am

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