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June 24, 2008

bad decision

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am i the only one who watched bachelorette last night?  i haven’t read a single post about it today

anyway, i was saddened by it.  granted i only caught the last 10 minutes but that was enough.  i knew she was down to jesse (the laid back snowboarder, i assume pothead, with a “quirky” sense of style), jason (the really sweet and endearing hot daddy with a 3yr old), jeremy (the obnoxious mildly eye pleasing  weenie), and graham (the super hot, ultra cool guy who’s guarded with his feelings).  i didn’t see the trips she took to meet their families but as she entered the room to begin the rose ceremony i started explaining the situation to M.  i told him how it was obvious that graham was going to be the last man standing because they seemed to fit well together.  and they were chasing each other.  to me there always needs to be a chase involved with real love (maybe it’s that feeling of earning it, i dunno).  i also announced that it was obvious that jesse was the one to get the boot during this episode.  it’s pretty obvious that there’s no physical chemistry there so why keep him around any longer?

then she did it.  she let graham go.  my jaw dropped.  i knew she was being foolish.  she wanted him to open up to her more so she let him go?  she reminds me alot of myself with this action.  as she sat out there and talked to him before he got into his limo she said what seemed pretty obvious – that he was the only one she thought she was falling in love with.  that’s when you could see how much he cared too.  and before he walked away he gave her a note.  a note he’d already written telling her how he feels.  a note to tell her the things he wanted to be just for her, not for me watching at home (although i would love to get a peak at what he wrote).  i could see the heartbreak.  i could feel it.  i’ve been there.  i think alot of people have been there.  when someone just isn’t where you want them to be when you want them to be.  (sounds alot like my relationship, huh?)  and as much as you think walking away will be better, part of you just wants it to knock some sense into the other person.  it’s a scare tactic to make them realize what they’re going to lose if they don’t figure their shit out quick.

anyway, i was more than bummed when she had him leave.  especially since she even stated that she came there to find love, and with only 2 ceremonies left she’s giving up the ONE person she was falling in love with??  does that make sense??  does that mean she’s going to end up with someone she’s lukewarm about?  i mean, as i said before, there’s no physical connection with her for jesse it’s painfully obvious.  i think she’s got too many reservations about hot (really hot) dad jason, it’s the whole “am i ready to have an instant family?” issue.  and jeremy, he’s kind of a twit and i think she sees that.  but beyond all that, it really made me think about my situation. 

i’m upset and hurt and angry and sad and disappointed… but i’m in love.  the issue of whether we’ll ever get married or not is the only thing that’s ever driven a wedge between us.  he’s my best friend.  i can be the biggest idiot i am around him and he loves me anyway.  i can put on drysol and come to bed with saran wrap under my arms and he’s still turned on.   he knows by my voice and eye contact if there’s something wrong.   he knows my past and loves who i am because of it.  this doesn’t mean that anything is changed or better, i still want what i want and him not being on the same page still upsets me, but i know that it’s worth waiting for.  i’m not ready to use the scare tactic (not yet anyway… )

so anyway, did anyone else watch this?  thoughts??



~ today i learned… that i am youtube-tarded and still don’t have a video up of my niece’s recital : (  ~



  1. Graham is from NC too! I don’t watch the show but I knew that about him. Stupid bachelorette!

    Comment by littlespoon — June 25, 2008 @ 8:37 am

  2. I watched it and I cried so hard when Jason left his son AGAIN. I have a really hard time understanding that situation. I hope in the end she picks him because of what he and his son have gone through being separated. I didn’t like Graham… although he was hot as hell! It was too awkward between them but it was so sad to see him go. If only he could have given her that letter before that night…

    Comment by Kerry — June 25, 2008 @ 9:09 am

  3. I watched the show and I think that she made the right decision. She opened up to Graham and he was too scared to do the same for her. And that’s the whole point of the show.

    Also, her and Jesse had a great physical connection. And I love Jason and DeAnna said she wanted 3 kids by the age of 30. She is 26…

    The best site for bachelor recaps is It’s great and very funny.

    Comment by penelope — June 25, 2008 @ 10:09 am

  4. Hi! Just found your blog…so, here I am saying hello!

    I actually really like Jesse. I think their hometown date was really good, he opened up a lot and finally kissed her! I love him, I hope she picks him.

    As for Graham, I’m glad he’s gone. Like Penelope said above, he just wouldn’t open up, and she needed him to. I don’t blame her.

    Jason would be an okay pick too. Her date with him was sweet, when she met his son, who is ADORABLE, by the way!

    Comment by Lexi — June 27, 2008 @ 4:05 pm

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