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June 10, 2008

straighten up

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so i had my free consultation for invisalign

umm, yah.  i want it.  NOW!  apparently everything is included in the cost.  while it’s not the cheapest thing ever it makes a big difference that the vists aren’t extra.  the changes aren’t extra.  it’s like a big kit.  it’s pretty damn cool.

when i first got to my dentists office i had to fill out a new form.  i came to the area that said “how many times do you brush your teeth a day?”  i put 2.  i thought about it for a second and realized most people probably put 3, right?  and that if i were being completely honest i should probably put 1.5 since on nights when i’m exhausted i say F it and go to bed without brushing or washing my face.  gross?  maybe.  but it feels like the right decision at the time.  next was the box asking “how many times a week do you floss?”  i put 1.  i sat there staring at it, laughing and wondering if i should change it.  maybe add a line on top and make it a 7?  7 sounds better, right?  then i realized that once a week was even a lie so i just left it.  they eventually called me in to the office and i was surprised when i didn’t get a lecture about my brushing and flossing habits.  so we talked about invisalign.

once they gave me the cost and explained the way the payments can be arranged i started doing the math in my head.  if i do this now it’s going to be a stretch.  especially since the day you do the molds you have to put $600 cash down that can’t be split into payments.  that part makes me nervous.  i can make payments on things, but siz hundy is alot to write a check for to see results in a year.  so as i was doing the math in my head the whole time, running my monthly income against my averages for all elements necessary to live (rent, car paymt, cell phone, electric, cable, gas, pilates, the necessities), the nice lady talked.  she told me everything i could ever want to know about the product and the process.  it was great.  but the whole time i was crunching numbers, half listening, and fretting that i wasn’t going to be able to make it work.  not this year anyway.  then i remembered that i’m due for a raise/cost of living increase/whatever, more money.  right about the time i realized i might have to put it off for 6 months i heard it…

“and if you’re dilligent and do everything you’re supposed to with your trays we throw in a gift of whitening at the end!”

SOLD!  that’s alli needed to hear.  their whitening treatments start at like $400 bucks!  and while i know i’d never shell out the money i’m so curious.  so that’s it.  i’m doing it.  especially when we were talking about it later and i let it slip that i was hoping to be having a wedding next year.  the dr. and the assistant got so excited and the dr. said “put that in her chart!” and then said that even if i’m not finished with the process by then she’ll do the whitening in time for a wedding.  (now i know that makes me kinda sound like a crazy person but honestly hoping to be married in teh near future is definitely a factor in not waiting any longer to do this.   it also kinda makes me look like an ass because if i don’t end up getting engaged, well, it’s in my chart)

i can’t wait to start… hopefully next month.  which means i have to seriously cut back on… well, EVERYTHING!  i’m not sure that i can afford to take pilates while i’m straightening my teeth.  maybe i’ll just have to be stronger willed and do it at home.  either way i think that finally getting my teeth straight will be such a wonderful thing!  like i said, it’s not cheap, but i think it’s worth it.  it’s something i’ve wanted since i was little.  but my family could never afford it.  and hopefully with my pay increase coming it’ll be even easier. 

i’m just going to wait a few weeks to really think it over.  because the other thing that makes me sweat about making this commitment?  if i’m spending all this money to straighten (and whiten) my teeth before my imaginary wedding, where am i gonna get any money for a n imaginary wedding?  because heaven knows my mom isn’t paying for it.  i guess i’ll worry about that one when it’s actually an issue : )



~ today i learned… the parachute was invented by DiVinci in 1515 ~



  1. Sign me up for your imaginary wedding! And let me know where you’re registered : ) I love that you told them about your plans at the consult. Hey, you never know, sometimes the universe responds to the power of suggestion …

    I saw a new dentist a few months ago, and I totally wrote down one floss per week. He called me on it, but then I chickened out and was all, oh, I thought that box said per DAY! Quick, change that to 7. At least! Liar liar pants on fire. He could probably tell.

    Comment by magda — June 10, 2008 @ 10:53 am

  2. I second Magda. Please sign me up for the wedding and tell me where you are registered. I love buying gifts.

    I had braces for two years (12 to 14). I still wear my retainer every night. :)

    Comment by penelope — June 10, 2008 @ 11:01 am

  3. Oh my gosh! I think you are me. I want invisalign so bad! I so wish my parents could have afforded braces.

    Comment by B2G — June 10, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

  4. Invisalign is the mot genius invention. I can’t believe they throw free whitening in too! Wow!

    Comment by littlespoon — June 10, 2008 @ 2:44 pm

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