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April 24, 2008

hair today

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for some reason i’ve decided to talk about hair today.  maybe it’s because i’m having a good hair day, i dunno.   but i had an appointment to get my eyebrows done last wednesday.  i scheduled it just perfectly that i could go straight from there to my pilates class since it’s between where i live and there.  when i arrived at 6pm and they told me that my esthetician had left for the day because she had no appointments i was completely confused.  the guy at the desk told me i was scheduled for 5pm.  I tried to point out that i would never have made an appointment for 5, and i even write it down in my planner as i’m standing there paying and scheduling at the end of every visit.  but whatever, there was no arguing it.  i made an appointment for the following week (yesterday) and left.  i had time to spare before pilates so i went to marshall’s.  i’m convinced that my esthetician now owes me $24 for the purse i bought (and i love love love it!). 

when my phone rang on tuesday i knew it was the confirmation call so i wanted to make sure i spoke to someone.  they told me that my girl wasn’t feeling good and was taking wednesday off, but that i could reschedule to thursday.  that barely made sense to me, so i didn’t even feel like arguing the point.  (seriously, you don’t feel good today, so you’re going to take off tomorrow but commit to coming in the day after?  that is bs.)  so i said forget it and hung up.  whenever an eyebrow appt. is approaching i steadily care less and less about keeping up with them.  i let them go all sorts of crazy doing whatever they want to do, knowing that in a couple of days they’ll be whipped into shape.  by tuesday when they cancelled i was in serious need of help so i called up the old salon i used to go to and made an appointment with a stranger.  i’m very particular about how my brows look so this was a painful thing to do.  i made the appointment to leave me plenty of time to get to pilates and stretch without having to spend time shopping in between.  i arrived at the salon, shook hands with the girl who i’d be trusting my appearance with and laid down.  i explained how one is higher than the other, and one has a nicer arch, but you have to make them both look like the one with the lazy arch or else i look very surprised on one side.  she sounded like she understood.  as she poured on teh wax i felt it was all wrong.  she was using wax in places i couldn’t imagine any hair could grow.  once it hit my eyelid i knew it wasn’t going to be good.  as she ripped the strip off i could feel the blood.  i don’t usually feel any pain or bloodshed during this process so i was beginning to get very worried.  she went one, very careful and very drawn out, step at a time.  she must have been brand new because it took her FOREVER!  i was getting worried that i was going to be late for class by the time she finished up.  i expected her to clean the area, then hand me the mirror and i’d be out.  instead she cleaned the wax off for 5 minutes.  then she started rubbing some lotion in.  then she started massaging in between my eyes.  it was like that scene in love actually when he’s getting the jewelry gift wrapped and it’s one painstaking thing after another when you just want it to be done.  it was the most bizarre thing.  and while she may have thought it was relaxing, it was making me extremely anxious.  i was very close to being rude and running out yelling  I HAVE TO GO!  seriously, who plans for a 45minute brow wax?  that’s just silly.  when i finally looked in the mirror i almost cried but i think i was too angry too.  she hadn’t listened to a word i said.  i had her fix a few things.  but now i have to grow my brows back out for the next 6 weeks to fill in the emptiness she left.  and i hate that. 

back to hair – i’ve had a few products that i love but that have disappeared off the shelves and i can’t seem to find them online.  anyone got stock on these that i can buy off you?

  • L’Oreal styling water – i still have a small amount of this left.  it’s seriously the texture of water.  and it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or flat.  i use a small amount of it to run through my hair.  it instantly controls flyaways and smells so good!
  • Sebastian dry clean only – this stuff iswas the bomb.  you just spray it in your hair when you haven’t washed it and it’s like a miracle product.  it makes your hair smell great and somehow gets rid of the grease… it’s also great after you’ve been at a bar and smell like smoke.  it takes the smell out better than anything else i’ve ever found.  every once in a while it shows up on ebay, but i never buy it fast enough.
  • Thermasilk self warming split end repair – i am very sad about this one going away.  i have the empty container in my shower.  just sitting there to remind me to find more!   it’s really so wonderful!  it heats up once you put it into your hands and then seals the split ends.  out of all of these this is definitely the best smelling.  whenever i used it i would keep pulling chunks of my hair to my nose to smell throughout the day.  it’s so nice.  thermasilk got the boot in the US to make room for sunsilk… but i believe it’s still alive in Canada.  any canucks out there wanna do a little business deal?  i’d pay good money for this stuff.

seriously, if someone has access to these, i’d be willing to pay for some : )



~ today i learned… in 1878 the Dept of Treasury was authorized to issue paper silver certificates in exchange for silver dollars.  the last issue of these was in 1957.  * i have one of these, it’s a ’57 one.  it’s worth about $1.50 now, but i’ve been holding on to it for years and will continue to.  i used to have 2 of them, but i was really hungry one day and spent it at wendy’s before i realized why i had it shoved into a different part of my wallet : )   ~



  1. Next time I go to the drug store or Target, I will look for you. :)

    Comment by penelope23 — April 24, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

  2. My sister-in-law turned me on to Sebastian products, and while I haven’t tried the one you mentioned, the three that I use daily are the BOMB.


    Comment by La — April 24, 2008 @ 6:33 pm

  3. I am petrified of having someone besides my normal girl do my eyebrows. Petrified.

    Comment by littlespoon — April 25, 2008 @ 9:19 am

  4. […] hairy weekend Filed under: maybe it’s me, perfect strangers — notsojenny @ 11:04 am this past weekend involved hair issues.  i’m not sure why but that seems to be a reoccurring theme. […]

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