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March 24, 2008

little ones

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– i was talking to my mom around 10pm last night.  she asked what i’d done that day.  i told her i’d dragged M to service, then we had the parade just out my door, and then we’d made a real easter dinner.  ham, potato salad and other real meal stuff.  then as we continued to talk she caught me off guard when she asked “so has M gone home yet?” and i froze.  i said “mmm” and just prayed that when M stepped out of the bathroom he wouldn’t say a word aloud.  i didn’t want to lie to my mom and say “yes” but i also didn’t want to tell her “nope.  he’s here. and about to hop into my unmarried bed of sin.”  but when she didn’t accept “mmm” as an answer she asked again,  this time i said screw it in my head and just said “yes”.  i couldn’t disappoint my mom on easter.  but part of me thinks she knew i was lying anyway.  i guess i’m just going to be 16 forever when it comes to her.

– my friend L (this same one) is planning on visiting in about a month.  i’m so excited!  she’s never been down here to see me.  and especially since i’m thinking about moving, it’ll be nice to know that she came here at least once.  her divorce was final a few days before we spoke, but i was still a little lost for words when she asked if i wanted her to bring her boyfriend.  i wasn’t really expecting that.  i get it though.  i told her if they want a reason to get away then they’re more than welcome to come down here.  afterall, with all the details she’s shared about her ex losing his freakin’ mind i’m just happy she’s going to get away for a few days.  i can’t tell her how afraid i am for her (i know it’s only because i’ve had a girlfriend killed by her ex, but you just never know what kind of crazy stuff people are capable of).

– i’m doing a little bit better cutting the swears out of my daily vocab.  when i was on the phone with my mom and i said “fuckit” i realized i no longer had control of my cursing.  it was just too ingrained for me.  i’m going in with the shock & awe method, cutting out the most offensive word first – fuck.  then moving onto the smaller grade swears like bitch and shit.  i can’t say i’m not going to miss them.  but it’ll be nice to go back to being a lady again.  not a sailor.

– i just got 6 more accounts at work.  wtf?! (oh, abbreviations for swears are allowed for now, but not the entire word… my rules : )   i just dropped about 10 clients to get on my way to having an almost manageable client roster.  now it’s back to being absurd.  i’m so disenchanted with this job right now.  and i’m tempted to point out to my boss how much they’ve screwed me over, and how less-than-pleased i am about it.  but, while i think they’re way too understaffed (my main issue) to fire me, i’m always afraid of that.  i like to stand up for what i deserve at work, but i don’t like to stir the pot too much.  i prefer being on good terms with my boss and not having them be aware of my extreme distaste for them or the company.

– there’s going to be a very good story on the today show on thursday about a car crash where one girl died and another was left in a coma.  but they switched the identities of the girls and told the wrong families of their daughter’s status.  the families dealt with it for weaks before being told their daughter was/wasn’t really alive.  i can’t imagine.  and i’m so intrigued by just the teasers for this story.  i’m tempted to call in sick just so i can catch it.

– the easter parade that happens out my door is always interesting.  everyone who has a dog brings it.  and even though i have 2 dogs, that are with my mom, i really really really want a puppy.  a frenchie to be specific.  i’ve wanted one for a couple of years but my mom would kill me if i got another dog and didn’t take the two from her.  i have good reasons (they can’t live apart… and one can’t live without her) but she would never understand.  as soon as the warm weather hits it seems like puppies spring out of the ground and suddenly cover the lawn out my window.  all i want to do is cuddle and talk to these puppies.  and given how lonely i feel sometimes i really think one would make me feel a bit better.  anyway, last year at the parade it was puggles (beagle/pug mix)… they were everywhere.  all the rage.  this year i saw alot of frenchies.  as cute as they are it kinda made me sad.  i don’t want to get a puppy that is “all the rage” and have people think that’s why i got it.  yes, i care about people’s perceptions of me (too much).  so i guess it’s good that i don’t have $2grand to shell out on a dog right now.  and by the time i do,they’ll be out of “style”.

– i spoke to my niece yesterday and she wanted to tell me everything the easter bunny brought her.  as she says things to me i repeat them back to her if i’m unsure of what she’s saying.  so she was telling me she got “some candy, cookie monster bubble bath, a kitchen in an egg…” to which i said “oh, a kitten in an egg?” and she said “no, a kitchen in an egg”.   so, again, i said “a kitten in an egg?” and now i could her my sister in the background trying to help her sound out ‘chicken’.  but she kept saying “no!  a kitchen in an egg” the last time i asked, ” a kitten in an egg??” she responded, “a baby… a duckling in an egg”. i laughed so hard.  that girl is hysterical, and pretty smart for being 3.  i can’t wait until the recital in june!



~ today i learned… charlie buckets is now a cattle vet.  and totally cool with that. (courtesy of FRM – thanks!) ~


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  1. “about to hop into my unmarried bed of sin.” Can I be in love with this line? Because I am. And I feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. My mom is a smart and savvy woman, so she likely somewhere deep down knows exactly what’s going on with me. Even still, I feed the fallacy. Just yesterday, for instance, when I called my mom to wish her a Happy Easter, she asked what I’d done. I told her I went to the noon mass with J, and added a big fat lie that it was nice to sleep in and not have to rush over to meet him super early! I woke up with him. I just didn’t want her to know. It’s a official: I am a daughter of deceit.

    I love the new blog look, by the way!

    Comment by magda — March 24, 2008 @ 6:34 pm

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