it’s always like this

February 26, 2008

and i just can’t hide it

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first, a random thing…
last night M did it again.  we were having a good conversation and then he brought up his stupid golf trip for this summer.  and without warning it pissed me off.  it just made me snap.  luckily my mom called right then so i was able to break away and cool down.  but why doesn’t he learn?  i’ve already told him that it ticks me off.

i’m so excited about…

  • going to DC for a long weekend.  just booking the trip makes me giddy!  i’m so excited about it!  there are fireworks on the schedule, festival stuff in the plans, museums to attend, and the topper of all toppers… the zoo!  i also really like staying in hotels for odd reasons… mostly because of my membership status which means we get cool perks.
  • going to my niece’s first recital ever.  i can’t think of a better reason to drive 8hrs!
  • my mom coming to visit.  no one ever visits me.  when i first moved people came once a year, now they all feel like they’ve done their duty.  my sister brings her family down once a year, but everyone else has craptastic excuses as to why they can’t.  whatever.  my mom and dad used to visit alot, but this’ll be the first time she’s been back in probably 3 years.   and i’m going to be fully prepared in my you-can’t-break-me-with-criticism mental armor so it’ll be enjoyable.  and she’s my mom!  i’m really excited but i also have to start cleaning… now!
  • going to Japan.  okay, so it’s not really written in ink anywhere yet, but it’s in the plans.  and the longer it takes me to be able to afford it, the more *fluent i will be in the language.  *by fluent i mean i’ll be able to get around, eat and shop… i know i’ll never be fully fluent in any language.  but the first phrase i’ve mastered is “how much do those shoes cost?  and those ones?  i’ll take ’em.”
  • my birthday.  okay, so i look forward to this about 359 days a year, because i consider my birthday to be a week long. i love my birthday!!  and if you must know, it will be my 26th birthday.  yes, again.  yes, still.  don’t question me.  i can have my 26th as many times as i want.  and it’s going to stay that way until i say otherwise.
  • getting married and having babies (or one baby).  this isn’t on the calendar either, and it’s not imminent or guaranteed.  but of course i’m looking forward to it.   back to my obsession with wedding planning.
  • being pregnant.  i know there’s really un-fun stuff that goes along with this, but i really only want to think about the cool stuff.  like people always asking questions about your belly.  and getting to eat a grilled cheese every single day (that’s what the commercial says).  and making the decision on whether or not you want a surprise or you want to know what it is.  and one of the best parts, getting to buy new clothes!!  i’m definitely not looking forward to the labor stuff, sounds so painful and gross.  bleh.
  • going to the opera.  getting season tickets is one of the best thing i’ve ever done down here.  it forces M and me to have real get-dressed-up-and-go-out-like-adults date nights.  i love dressing up all fancy.  i take about 2hrs to get ready and i love every minute of it.  i feel so good on those nights.  plus i have new dresses so i’m even more excited about it!
  • may 30th.  anyone know what that is?  that’s the day i’ll be watching the SATC movie!  yes, i’m one of them.  and i’m so excited.  i don’t even care if the movie is bad… i need a fix.
  • all of the shows that are coming out (new shows and/or new episodes) in march and april.  high school confidential.  the bachelor.  big love.  the hills… don’t judge
  • the new body shop body butter scent coming out in april.  since they always discontinue what i like i keep a close eye on when the new stuff comes out… keeping my fingers crossed that i really like this new one.
  • traveling out to see some of my clients in the next month or so.  i don’t get to travel anywhere near as much as i used to, and this makes me feel a little bit closer to being able to keep my status for all my perks.  and again, there’s something i really enjoy about staying in hotels.  it’s like a quick little vacation.  it’s just always nice to get away.



~ today i learned… that putting deodorant on at night, right before bed, makes it more effective. ~



  1. I know that about deodorant too! I always swipe at night and in the morning. I smell good all day.

    And I’m really close to catching the baby bug. We’re talking like less than a year…wow! eek :)

    Comment by littlespoon — February 26, 2008 @ 11:35 am

  2. I love to stay in hotels too. I like it because I don’t have to hang up my towel and I don’t have to make my bed. I get to be the slob I never get to be at home.

    Comment by penelope23 — February 26, 2008 @ 11:44 am

  3. YAY for a long weekend–and DC, you couldn’t have picked a nicer place to visit :) So much to do and see; it should be fab as a getaway!

    Ohhh and I’m excited for the body butter too. I didn’t realize they were on a real schedule for bringing in new ones! I’ll definitely be waiting…

    Comment by magda — February 26, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

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