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February 7, 2008

cheesy cracker sticks

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(get it? TidBits.)

  • so that last post?  really a tough subject for me.  there are so many more emotions and issues surrounding it, but i just couldn’t seem to get them all out.  every time i tried it was just a convocation of letters and words.  they would come out on to the post as they came into my mind.  and it just isn’t clear enough to type.  but i’m moving through it, and it’s officially now a part of our past.
  • on a better note this last week has been good.  we’re getting along again.  and we’re having fun again.  and that’s something that was really missing for us lately.  i’m so glad we’re back there.  i’m happy again.
  • the other day at work i contacted another dept. head about a project i’m working on.  he said i needed to talk to lisa.  who’s lisa?  so he sent her over to me.  and guess what?  lisa is the bitch who made the comment as i was leaving the party last week.  fun times.
  • my first pilates session went well.  and she kinda suckered me into signing up for more.  i mean, i wanted to, but after that session i had doubts.  maybe i just need a personal trainer.  either way, i’m signed up now.  and i guess i’ll know in 4 weeks if it’s really helping me, or if i really just need a personal trainer.
  • i talked to my niece yesterday.  she told me all about her new pet (stuffed animal) bird.  he has a cage.  the cage has a door.  the door opens and closes.  you can hang the cage.  and it has batteries so you can turn it on and off.  and she told me that once they get a minivan they’re going to come visit me and we can go to the beach and make sand castles.  i know that no one appreciates this as much as me.  but she’s 3.  and she’s the most precious child i’ve ever seen.  of course i’m biased.  but i can’t wait for them to come visit.  it’s the highlight of my year.  i am going to try to get up there for her first recital this summer too.
  • my friend JP just decided to move to another state to be with her long-time boyfriend.  i’m so excited for her.  but it’s so strange for me.  i’ve always seen her as being so young.  but even when we talked about it over christmas i knew she was going to do it.  i definitely thought she should but i could only tell her that she had to do what was right for her.  it’s just so strange when people younger are really growing up and doing adult stuff.
  • sometimes when i go to my blog i’m randomly logged out.  i have no idea why.
  • M and i are going to take a long weekend in the next few weeks.  we just can’t figure out where.  we don’t want to do a vacation… we save those for later in the year.  but we just want to drive somewhere and have a nice relaxing time.  i’m a total tourist everywhere, so i need some stuff to see and do.  does anyone know of any places from SC up to NY that would be a good weekend getaway at this time of year?




~ today i learned… that green potatoes are bad, don’t eat them ~



  1. I think the Biltmore is having some sort of special going on right now. Plus then you can go to fancy McDonald’s where they have china and actual silverware!

    I too am randomly logged out sometimes. I hate it.

    Comment by littlespoon — February 7, 2008 @ 11:48 am

  2. I had your JP feelings exactly when my younger sister got married. She’s a child! She’s the kid who used to tape bracelets to her face because she wanted glasses like me! And now she’s someone’s wife … I’m still confused by how fast she grew up.

    Charlottesville VA is really fun–UVA is there, so it’s kind of a college town, but it’s also got a really cool music scene and AWESOME restaurants. I always eat lunch about five times when I’m there.

    Comment by magda — February 8, 2008 @ 10:14 am

  3. I would recommend Hilton Head, SC or Savannah, GA (which is close to Hilton Head. Both really cool and fun places.

    Comment by penelope23 — February 8, 2008 @ 10:52 am

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