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February 5, 2008

finish it

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so, while i refuse to discuss the big football game that happened the other night, i do want to talk about what irritates me when it comes to sports.

i feel like everyone cheats.  not with performance enhancing drugs.  not by taping other teams’ signals.  not even because of paid off refs or just taking advantage of bad calls.  but it seems like no one ever finishes the games they way they’re intended to be played.

it really ticks me off in golf.  yes, i know tiger is the world’s most impressive player and can make shots with his eyes closed.  but i still think that he, and everyone else, should have to get the ball into the cup.  not just get it close enough and then pick it up.  i’m sure they would make that putt, but the thing is that they should have to.  i’m not a good golfer but i golf enough to know that anything is possible.  so maybe a putt that seems like a one-putt-in would end up being 2 more if you actually did it.  you can slip on your swing, bad footing, bad read, whatever.  this one irks me to no end.

football sucks because of this too.  college football not so much.  but pro football drives me bonkers.  they should have to play until there are zero seconds left.  and if they have the ball they should have to play, not spike it or kneel on it.  i know they’re assuming that they’re going to win, but what if they made an easy play and it went wrong?  it happens all the time.  it could change the outcome of the game entirely.  i personally feel like this is cheating.  if you’re that confident that you’re going to win no matter what, make the damn play.  don’t be too scared to play.  grrr.  this really bugs me!

at least basketball, no matter how boring it is, plays until the final buzzer.  hockey too.  seeing a pattern here?  
i just don’t think it’s fair.  if you want to say that you won a game, you should play the entire game.  now this being said, the game on sunday was the first one i’ve seen in a long time that went until the last second… or almost.  even though the outcome blows, at least everyone played the entire game (well, actually the pats didn’t really play at all but i can’t get into that since i’m still a little too upset).

all i’m saying is that these people get paid truck loads of money to play 60 minutes of their game.   so they should have to play all 60 minutes.  is not having to play for 35 seconds really doing anything for them?  and golfers get paid big money to get the ball into the cup in the fewest strokes.  take the 35 seconds to make that final stroke.   maybe it’s just because of my personality and that i always need closure that this is an issue for me, but it drives me nuts.  and in turn it drives M crazy when i start fuming that they’re not really finished.  if i didn’t complete my job, but got most of the way there and just called it a gimme’,  i don’t think i’d be employed for long.  and i definitely don’t get the multi-million dollar deals they do.




~ today i learned … freshwater fish don’t drink, they absorb the water around them but salt water fish constantly gulp water  to replace what their bodies are losing. ~



  1. I understand your points. I agree with them. If you are going to play a sport, play it until the contest is complete.

    So I have to ask, did it bother you that Bill Belichick left the game on Sunday while there was still 1 second left on the clock?

    Comment by penelope23 — February 5, 2008 @ 12:21 pm

  2. I was also irked by the last 30 seconds of that game. Just play it. Something might actually happen. Don’t check out!

    Comment by littlespoon — February 5, 2008 @ 12:51 pm

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