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January 24, 2008

baby talk

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sometimes i think i’m pregnant.  read: i said think.  because at this point in my life i sure don’t hope i am.  don’t get me wrong, i want kids.  i want a baby.  i want to be pregnant.  just not now.  i’m not quite ready to take that unchangeable step.  not financially, not mentally, just not ready.  no matter how many of the people aroud me are having, or just had babies.  it’s not my time.

but when i do think about it i hope that the imaginary baby lucks out with what it inherits.  my train of thought goes something like this…

i feel like crap.
oh god, what if i’m pregnant?
no.  i know i’m not.
you know, i’ll take a test just in case.
(3 minutes later)
see, i knew i wasn’t.
damn, i just wasted a test.
oh well.
but if it had come up positive, i really hope that kid would get:

my eyes (sorry M, i just like mine better)
M’s intelligence (he really is brilliant.  i learn so much from him.  not that i’m not smart, but i’m not book smart like he is)
M’s hair (he’s got that great shiny, silky, soft asian hair)
my sight (i only wear glasses as a preventative measure.  M can’t see)
my wit (M’s funny, but i crack myself up)
M’s tendancy to not see problems but resolutions (i am the opposite)
my love of classics (M will watch old movies with me, but he’d rather watch kung-fu … which is cool at times)
my lips (quite possibly my favorite part from head to toe)
M’s ears (heaven help that baby if it gets the ears that curse my family)
M’s eating habits (i’m a sugar addict)
M’s bones and teeth (my family snaps like twigs.  i’ve broken toes by running on the beach and stubbing a rock and also tripping over a parking barrier.  and our teeth are weak, dentist says it’s genetic)
my fashion sense (even though M has always been a good dresser and he’s getting even sharper with every episode of WNTW & HDIL i make him watch : )
my false sense of entitlement (most would see it as a negative, i know.  but i see it as confidence)
my handwriting (M has boy scratch)
my skin tone (M can’t tan worth a damn, i’ve got american indian somewhere deep down that comes out in the summer)
M’s personality (mixed with a little of mine)
M’s superior ironing ability
my leftiness (i love being a lefty)
M’s mechanical abilities (girl or boy – you need to have these skills)
M’s ability to not spend money as soon as he has it (no explanation necessary)

no matter what, i know that kid would be thin with legs for miles (since we both have that) i just hope that it would have more determination to stay in shape.  all in all it would be a cute kid.  and with the right mix of personalities and looks it has great possibilities!

but i still don’t want it right now.

~ today i learned… that my marketing dept. doesn’t understand what that word means. ~



  1. This totally reminds me of a commercial that used to be on: the camera zooms in on a woman going to work, and the voiceover says “I feel so tired, and lethargic. I’m having trouble focusing. Could I be pregnant?” My roommate and I were always, AHHH, that’s us! We’re pregnant! Never mind that these are also the symptoms of, oh, a hundred other things.

    Seriously, though, I know what you mean. Sometime, definitely, but not now. Your list is fantastic–your children are going to be downright amazing :)

    Comment by magda — January 25, 2008 @ 12:00 am

  2. I recently read Jenny McCarthy’s “Belly Laughs” and every chapter was a new pregnancy symptom and I kept going “OMG I have that!” and I’d have tot alk myself out of thinking I was pregnant.

    Never read pregnancy books when you’re not ready to start with the conceiving process. It plays mean tricks on your mind!

    Comment by littlespoon — January 25, 2008 @ 8:08 am

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