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January 16, 2008

love, even if

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i love…

my boyfriend.  even if he’s so set in his bachelor ways that we may never get married.  he’s my best friend and has been for many years.  he’s giving, and caring, and sweet, and honest, and i could go on and on.   just because we’re in love doesn’t mean we want the same things.  and while that may eventually tear us apart, we’re together today and i love that.

my family.  even if they’re the source of all of my insecurities and annoying habits.  even if they’re the reason i have the superpower to complain about anything.  they’re the only family i’ve got and now that we’re one person short, they mean even more than i thought they could.

my apartment.  even if it came to me too late.  i’m so happy in it, but i’m coming up on my year term and i’m hoping to be moving out.  only because i hope to be engaged and if i’m not, i’m moving back to the north east to be closer to my family and best friend.

all of the friends in my life.  sometimes i feel like giving myself a pat on the back for finding and retaining such incredible people to call friends.  i’ve had my share of friends that weren’t so friendly, but the people that i’ve held on to have really proven that they’re the best friends i could have ever found. 

being unmarried.  even if it’s scary.  you’d never know how much i love this part of my life by how sad i get each time a special event passes by and i am not proposed to.  as much as i want to spend the rest of my life with the man i love today, i really enjoy the possibilities the future holds if it doesn’t work out my way.  my favorite is the old daydream of how rich my future husband would be.  i used to draw the floor plans of my future home… it was huge.  and i’d think of all the places we’d travel and countries we’d have homes in.  it looks like a great life, but i’d happily give it all up to live the realistic life with my current beau.  afterall, i can still daydream about our kids and trips we’ll take (staying in hotels of course, not our many chateaus).

musicals.  even if no one watches them with me.  i can still put on the entire Annie musical on my own, just say “go”.   i know i’m not a great singer, and probably should keep it down, but i can’t help myself.

reality tv.  even if it’s not cool.  i’m sorry but watching other people’s lives is very therapeutic.  while it may not all be “real” i love it.  and i don’t know what i’ll do when LC decided to stop taping.

my car.  even if it’s costing me more than i wanted to spend.  it’s totally worth it.  it makes me feel a little bit better every time i get into it.

fruit.  even if it makes me feel like a water balloon.  it’s so good and you can do so many things with it.  a bite of a great piece of fresh fruit is so refreshing, it can change a day.

classic Hollywood.  even if it sounds old and out-dated.  i happen to really enjoy the premier leading ladies & gentlemen.  life seemed more romantic, more ideal, and just so much better back then. 

smells.  even if i have super smelling powers that mean i get the bad ones too.  it’s great to walk in my door and smell something extremely pleasant (candles, diffuser, lamp oils, whatever).

body butter.  even if it ruins all of the items in your luggage when it explodes.  there still is nothing quite like what it can do for your skin.

being tan.  even if it is terribly unhealthy.  i know the risks, and i don’t like to look unseasonably tan, but doesn’t everyone just look better tan?  i know my skin does.

dressing up.  there’s nothing like taking time to get ready and really looking your best.  you can’t help but feel your best!  you want everyone to see you.  it’s such a great feeling.

shoes.  even if the first thing i do when i come home is kick them off and put on slippers.  one of my mantras is “new shoes cure the blues”.  for me, it’s true.  no matter how many things i try on that i love, they may not all look good on me.  with shoes i can find something i like and just get my size.  nothing to it.  it’s the thing that makes my shopping trips successful.

snow.  even if i rarely get to see it.  the smack of cold air when you step out the door, and the feeling of snow on your eyelashes is something that just can’t be matched.  however much i miss it, i prefer not to get it where i am since functioning in it isn’t really taught down here.

my father.  even if it wasn’t the last thing i got to say to him.


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